What Our Clients Say

My favorite thing about SMA is their emphasis on developing life-long lovers of music.  My children may not become award-winning musicians, but I feel confident that music will always hold an important place in their lives.     ~Lauren, parent

I always learn something new every lesson.    ~Collin, age 12, guitar student

I love how they take the time to get to know your personal style of music.     ~Emery, age 13, piano student

Ever since I started at 12 years old, SMA has taught me so much about music.  My experience has been incredible!     ~Keri, age 18, guitar and vocal student

Not only have my children been instructed in the fundamentals of piano, but they’ve been creatively inspired and encouraged.  As they’ve started lessons during elementary school years, there have been times that they struggled to maintain practice due to conflicting activities and interests.  The patience and understanding of their SMA instructors has helped them understand the process and journey involved in musicianship.     ~Monique, parent